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Romney Death Squads

Via GatewayPundit

According to the Obama campaign and its cheerleaders, not only has Mitt Romney given cancer to the wives of people his company laid off, but he also used El Salvadorian death squads as a way to get seed money for starting up Bain. Ironically the person who I first saw touting this line of attack is now a member of  Romney’s Hispanic steering committee. So much has changed since the primaries. But remember, if Romney is elected people will die, ending the current three-year streak of no-one dying in America.

Although its said every season, this year I think its accurate. This is the nastiest Presidential race in modern history. And its going to get worse – just wait until there’s a running mate to slander too.


Oh Kim…

During one of the Olympic matches a friend mentioned the intensity that the North Korean team played with, I dryly joked that it probably had something to do with avoiding the gulags. Sadly, my gut instinct appears to be correct: North Korea’s Key to Olympic Medals: Refrigerators For Winners, Labor Camp Threat for Losers The paternal dictator needs to lighten up before they put his face on the Asian dad meme.

For a look at the future homes of the athletes who get fourth place, check out the Vice documentary: North Korean Labor Camps.

When the Hermit Kingdom falls, lets hope they have a Solzhenitsyn to document its crimes.

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